Regina Daniels Delivery

One of the best health facilities in Abuja is the Turkish Nizamiye Hospital which was commissioned by Goodluck Jonathan in the year 2014.

When Regina Daniels wasn’t able to fly abroad to have her first son, her husband Ned Nwoko disclosed in their series recorded that he made every effort to give his wife proper health care in Nigeria. The hospital which helped the actress to have a safe delivery was Turkish Nizamiye Hospital which is located in Abuja.

The Turkish Nizamiye hospital was built to compete with some of the best hospitals in Europe and America. The hospital has the best doctors and nurses. It also has extra-modern health equipments which constitutes to proper health care services.

According to the public relations officer of the hospital, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar about $20 Million was initially invested to build the hospital but what they spent was about $30 million which is equivalent to N11 billion.

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