Security Challenges In My Community And Non Challant Attitudes Of Our Representatives Towards The Rigorous Occurrence



Security Challenges In My Community And Non Challant Attitudes Of Our Representatives Towards The Rigorous Occurrence

Security Challenges In My Community And Non Challant Attitudes Of Our Representatives Towards The Rigorous Occurrence


Distinguish ladies and gentlemen,I feel so sadden and disheartening to pen down this write up as a concerned citizen of oyo state and a resident of the so affected local government (Akinyele L.G) ,It is no more a rumour nor fallacy that the security of our dear community has been jeopardized and not catered for by the so called government of oyo state and our respective representatives in the community.
If we could flash back to the incidents happening in Akinyele Local Government ,The total number of the cases keep increasing drastically and it becomes deteriorating and an alarming one which is so ridiculous in a community with a Honourable,Chairman and other respective leaders in the community …

My questions as a concerned resident of the community is that ” Where are this so called representatives? Where Is the Honourable representing Akinyele? Where is the Chairman of the Local Government? What impact has been done by this so politicians representing us both at the state and local level cause as an administrator I solidly and firmly believe that the government starts from the grassroots level but when the so called representatives representing us at the grassroots kept mute to matters arising and affecting the community then how do we expect the so called state government to show seriousness in rendering and catering for the welfarism and security of the people in Akinyele community at large.

As a result of this ,I feel so much concerned that I have to drop this and call on the Honourable representing Akinyele ,The Akinyele Chairman ,The Honourable speaker of Oyo state and His Excellency Engr. Oluseyi Abiodun Makinde to Cater and take adequate charge for the life of the people in Akinyele Community Or what is the essence of electing a representative who cannot guarantee the safety of his electorates, We see alot of achievements and progress Rt. Hon Ogundoyin is carrying out as the responsibilities saddled on him to do for the people of Eruwa ,Why is our own honourable mute ,An Honourable whose impacts is not felt ,An Honourable whose name is not known by the people of is community .I’m not surprised this is what we get in return when we vote in the wrong candidates as representatives, A scholar ones said “
The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned” but the saying Is no where to be found in our dear state ,our community and our Local Government (Akinyele L.G) our home has been a scared place to stay now and to reside as an abode due to insecurity challenges and lackadaisical attitudes of the government in the community.

Moreover,I will urge our so called representatives to remember each and every promises made before attaining the seat of political power as 2023 Is not far fetch from us anymore ,Late Cheif obafemi awolow once said ” The son of the poor you refused to help will never allow your children , generation to rest” The saying of the late chief is happening now just because of our unbothered and unserious attitudes to security issues in the community as a result of incompetent elected representative we have, I’m very certain if the raping and Killing incidents has affected our so called politicians in one way or the other whether there households or relatives are involved in this , Something better would have been done when cases keeps increasing drastically in a state where eminent personalities and dignitaries belongs and no possible resolution yets from the state which Is so governed by the people who believe they know more better when it comes to power and failing the masses who elected them base on the promises made back then during 2019 campaign for oyo state indigenes.

Further more ,Don’t settle down and sit in one place. Move around, be nomadic, make each day a new horizon. You are still going to live a long time, Run, and it would be a shame if you did not take the opportunity to revolutionize the challenges faced by your state,community and people. Politics aside and party sentiments aside, I’m not a member of people’s democratic party (Pdp) nor All progressive congress (Apc) but the truth needs to be told ,Security during the first year of His Excellency is nothing to write about compare to that of Gov. Isiaka Abiola Ajumobi , The so called cabals of His Excellency are being rendered useless and not functioning ,not known by the people not like the previous administration mantled by Gov. Ajumobi , I could remembered how the S.A was made known and well effective during the Apc’s administration but where are the Cabals of this so called administration,The likes of the Commissioners, Chairmen’s etc.

Few of them are just known to the people ,isn’t that barbaric to tell about a state .As a government saddled with the responsibilities of catering for people’s needs and which security is one of the Important function the government should ensure in the state,Series of egregious incidents such as raping and Killing has occured in Akinyele Community bad nothing sensitive and effective has been done to curb the occurrence up till now , “You don’t have to wait for a problem before a solution can be given to handle it” security is essential and vital rather in every society whether you been inform or not ,A government ready to serve the people needs to promote this to the vision and agenda for the people.

Conclusively, I implore the government (State and local), The Honorable representing Akinyele to provide proper and adequate security means, tighten and very strong measures should be adopt in granting the safety of the people in the state and most especially akinyele lg at large, we cannot keep moving in fears and moving from “fry pan to fire ” Enough of all this Killing, Enough of Insecurity in our beloved state, Enough !!!! Enough !!! As we surely hold everyone tagged to this responsible for not guarantee our safety in the community. We say…


If they ask you who coined and pen down this write up,Tell them is know other person than
ILERIOLUWA, A young and upcoming politician from IBADAN NORTH WEST who is concerned with the safety and welfarism of the people of is state .
Thank You !!!!

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