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Sneaky Way To Know A Girl Is H()rny

One of the things that it seems like a lot of guys have difficulty realizing is when women actually want them.

Chances are, you’ve heard some of the conventional ways on figuring out if a girl is h()rny. Some of them are:

  • Check her heart rate
  • Check her breathing rate — the faster she’s breathing, the more excited
  • Check her pupil dilation
  • Check her vaginal dilation or how lubricated she is… down there

Great stuff if you’re an M.D. And you’ve got your stethoscope handy (or a pair of rubber gloves).

But how do you figure that out when you’re standing across the room from a girl, or you’re deep in conversation with her? Not exactly the right time for a lubrication check.

One of the most underrated skills for the man interested in getting together with women is the ability to quickly identify the women who are looking for the same thing that he is. This is a skill called “targeting,” and it’s one I’ve put a fair amount of work into cultivating in myself.

One of the most important aspects of targeting, it turns out, is figuring out how to tell if a girl is h()rny.

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