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Non-League Side Leaves Manager Stranded After Away Win

  • After a 1-0 away win and a ninth successive road victory, Hall Road Rangers manager Dave Ricardo was left behind by his own team bus

There's always one or two pieces of equipment or gear that goes missing after an away match, but Hall Road Rangers somehow managed to leave their own manager behind at Sandygate, the home of Hallam FC.

With the squad on their way back to Humberside, boss Ricardo left the ground to find the driver had left, with nobody responding to his phone calls or texts.

Unfortunately, despite masterminding another good win for Rangers, he was forced to make his own way back with the team already well on their way home.

They’re a good bunch of players but I didn’t get home until 9pm! I could have thought of better ways to spend my Saturday night if I’m being honest

Luckily for Ricardo's players, their boss was able to remain light-hearted about the whole affair.

“We were really pleased with the result but it went downhill from there,” Ricardo chuckled to the Non-League Paper. “After we had our post-match chat I went to see a few people, as I like to do after a game.

“The next thing I know I’ve come out and they’ve gone. I think the driver may have been in on the whole thing! The lads had a really good laugh at my expense.

“They’re a good bunch of players but I didn’t get home until 9pm. I could have thought of better ways to spend my Saturday night if I’m being honest, but at least we won so I didn’t have that long journey back with a defeat to think about.”

Lee Myers, Hall Road Rangers' vice-chairman, told the Hull Daily Mail: “I wasn't actually there but I did hear how they left him behind. It wasn't until they got some distance they realised they'd left him.

“They did go back and get him when they realised. I think it was because they were so euphoric – it was a big win to be fair – they just wanted to get in and get back to celebrate, and in all the confusion he was left behind.”

Ricardo won't mind too much – his team are currently fourth in the Northern Counties East League, and remains a happy man.

“They are working really hard and we’re happy with the season we’ve had so I can’t be too mad,” said the Rangers chief. Perhaps he might think twice about those post-match chats.

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