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I Stand with Nigeria Protest. #OurMumuDonDo…by Charly Boy…

Read his piece below…

in the Face of Hopelessness I saw Hope with the #IstandWithNigeria
Project; in the Midst of Excruciating Hunger I saw Defiance in the faces
of our youths; In a Nation of Virtual Social Media Mouthing Youths I
saw Foot Soldiers who are capable of Moving this Nation forward if the
dream of nationalism is nurtured in the minds of all. Bad Governance is a
failure of the governed just as much as it is a failure of Political

I am a realist and I understand the challenges this country
is facing from decades of wasteful wickedness; indifferent Leadership;
Mindless Looting and Audacious Criminality. And so, I understand the
Challenges of the current President Muhammadu Buhari Administration; I
know there are no Short term Solutions; I am aware that no Matter how
smooth the processes of realigning Nigeria will be, we all will have to
bite the Bullet as our wounds are being treated.

we know is hard in the Beginning; Messy in the Middle and Glorious in
the end if there is a sincerity of purpose by the Leaders and the Led.
The People; My Constituency; My fellow frustrated nigerians are the only
people making sacrifices while the Political Leadership is still in the
habit of Wastefulness, Looting, Stealing, Embezzlement and Ravaging of
our Commonwealth.

and my pikins and good revolutionist in this country no go again gree
lie lie and so we are ready to defile the odds and challenge all
constituted authorities in Nigeria beginning now. The battle line have
been drawn; The war is here and we are ready to ensure that all
Nigerians enjoy governance. We are willing to give up our Lives for the
Good of our Country and Peace in the heart of the Poor Nigerian, at
least I know am ready. If you no talk, you go die, if you still talk
like Fela you go die. So I go talk talk before I die.

Federal Government under the Leadership of President Mohammadu Buhari
must not be the only Arm or Level of Government that is interested in
Fighting Corruption; Infrastructural Development; Fighting Insurgency
and the Fulani Herdsmen Menace; Developing an Economic Nationalism Model
and seeking options to improve Power. If PMB and the Vice President are
the only guys interested in Change, then Change will not come at all.
We demand and will fight. If we can’t fight for ourselves and our
future, we do die for nothing.

#OurMumuDonDo. demands are as follows.

1.       The
Executive Arm of the Federal Government to become More Aggressive in
Seeking alternative Masses Driven Economic and Development Policies for
the people; Harmonization of all Salary Scale in Nigeria and the
Introduction of a Transparency Library where all Expenditure of
Government can be access online and offline.

2.       The
National Assembly to #OpenNass urgently or they will have to Kill us
the People this Time; The Running Cost must be made open to the Public
soon and cut drastically or they will see the Demons in the Nigerian
Angry Populace.

3.       The
Judiciary must as a Matter of Urgency vacate all Corruption based
Perpetual Injunctions in Nigerian Courts; Speedily Prosecute Corruption
cases and Must Strictly follow the dictates of the Criminal
Administrative Justice Act of 2015.

4.       The
Agricultural Policies of the Federal , State and Local Governments must
become Expansive; The Accountability Process of the government must
become visibly available to all Nigerians and Infrastructural and
Contractual Obligations of the Nigerian Government must be given topmost

5.       The
Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) must as a
Matter of urgency begin the process of gutting all Allowances as they
Relate to the Political office Holders in Nigeria.

6.       A
People, Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organisation’s driven body
that will provide Oversight on all Constituency Projects across Nigeria
must be Constitituted and Funded by the Federal Government for
Monitoring; Evaluation and Follow up of all funds allocated and spent by
Government on all Constituencies across Nigeria.

7.       All
State Governments; State Assembly and Local Governments must become
answerable to the desires of the governed; The Proletariat and the
Suffering Masses who are Voice but when engaged can be dangerous. We
hope Politicians will not drive our people outside the zone of reasons.
When you see jungle Justice for the commoner you get the Message.

Injury to one is an Injury to all; we are ready for the worse and
prepared to sacrifice our all for the good of this country. We will
Never allow politicians to lie to us and get away with it ever again.
This is the beginning of the reign of peaceful Revolution whose premise
is centred on the Doctrine of The Eternal Reverend Martin King Jnr; The
Legendary Mahatma Ghandi and the The Africa Legend Nelson Mandela. We
Will Fight with the Tenacity of the vibrant Malcom X; The Defiant Spirit
of Patrice Lumumba; The Africa Che; Thomas Sankara and the Heart of the
Man who Emboldens the best of Revolutionary Struggles Worldwide;
Ernesto Che Guevara. The Revolutionary Words of Fela Anikulapo Kuti Will
Drive our resistance; The Selfless Services of the People’s SAN Gani
Fawehinmi will ensure that we fight for Nigerians First and the
Historical importance of the The Legend; My Father Justice Oputa will
guide our process always.

Justice Oputa Foundation is the Platform; Nigerians from all works of
Life are invited to join us as we begin the process for Political,
Social and Economic Rebirth for the good of all Nigerians. All Civil
Society Organisations and all Non Governmental Organisations must become
the voices of the people against the political Insanity at all Levels
of government in Nigeria. The People must become the dictators in any
Democracy where the interest of the people is relegated. If President
Buhari cannot Fight Corruption alone and he can’t; we must support the
fight and make it more wholesome for all Nigerians to engage. We owe it
to our people to fight for Justice, Fairness and Equality for all
Nigerians and that Fight is just beginning.

is a Call to Action; a Call to Reason; A Call to Nigerianization; A
Call to Nationalism and a Call to defiantly Confront the common Enemy of
the people…The Mindlessly Corrupt Politician with the Capacity for
Audacious impunity and Selfishly Insatiable Desire to Loot our
Commonwealth. We will Engage, Protest and Occupy until we are heard and
until we see result and action on the part of Government.

and our time don come to Initiate #CitizensFightback and
#FloodTheSystem to #OccupyUnlimited until we can Change our Country for
the good of all.

#ALUTAETERNAL is The our cry.



Frustrated Nigerians.

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