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How I Twisted A Vain Word Off My Daughter’s Mouth

This morning while preparing for work, my wife was in a hurry to sneak in some self-made zobo inside my bag when she mistakenly hit her leg on a side stool.

It was definitely so painful that she didn’t know when she screamed “What The Fûrçk”

Immediately she said that, my 3 ear old toddle started repeating the words, “What The Fûrçk”, “What The Fûrçk”, “What The Fûrçk”.

I knew it would be a tough call if I told her not to repeat the words, so I quickly found another means to achieve that.

I lay on the bed with her and said, “Did You Just Say Water-Fall?”… She said no, she just said “What The Fûrçk”…

I already prepared for this response, so I had to go psychy.

“Okay… That’s alright, because if you had said Water Fall then I wouldn’t be happy. Now be careful whenever you say Water Fall because Water Falls can be quite dangerous so I don’t want you saying waterfall until you know what a water fall is”

The continuous repetition of ‘Water Fall’ did the trick.

She climbed down and ran to her room screaming “Water Fall! Water Fall, Water fall”

Just now I returned from work, and she’s still teasing me with “Water Fall”


That’s better than the other F word…

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