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ARTICLE: What you should never do as an up and coming independent artiste (pt.1) | @iam_Kulqee…

I have been opportune to mingle and associate with up and coming artistes who are independently making moves to better their career. I have discovered quite a lot of mistakes made by up and coming artistes and wish to help list out these mistakes in order to help boost their career. 

Due to the enormity of these mistakes, I’ll be breaking this posts into parts. 

The most pressing mistake made by INDEPENDENT UP AND COMING ARTISTES is 


Nobody fans poverty. If you don’t have it, please never let them know you don’t. These superstars are deceiving you. They run scripts when addressing questions thrown to them on interviews. Humans are naturally drawn to wealth. Nobody fans poverty. 

Am glad you are aware that everyone you fan today either appears rich or its truly wealthy. 



Once you pick up the name ‘Up and Coming Artistes’ , you loose your right to be a song critic. You can’t publicly be comparing artistes of any category or level. This is unprofessional. Music industry is an industry built around RELATIONSHIP. 

Its safer to render praises on songs on public than saying or making points that’ll lead to anyone saying ill about any artiste . A lot of people are actually following your progress. A lot of investors, a lot of record label A&R etc. One single sign of immaturity can deprive you an opportunity. 

Pt 2 drops next week!


This is #FactsWithKulqee, stick here for another episode #itsAseries. 

We will be back next week!

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