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Are you tired of wasting money trying to lose belly, arm and body Fat? Then this special letter from www.Burnin30.ng is for you…

This is a sponsored post…

From the desk of the C.E.O www.Burnin30.ng.

Have you ever lost money or struggled to lose weight, burn fat or lose belly fat in the past? Would you love to discover a guaranteed, truthful and unique approach that works Like magic and gives you visible and noticeable result in 2 weeks or less?

This Newbreakthroughfatloss Solution will help you Burn All Kinds Of Fat (especially Belly fat), Burn stubborn arm fat and get that Dream body worthy of praises you have always been looking for..

N/B: This is not aboutslimming tea, supplement, belly belt, Slim patch or any of those Fake solutions Marketers are using to rip you of your hard earned savings.

Then read this short letter till the end.


Are You Totally Tired Of

  •   Being referred to as Mama K, Mama this, Or Orobo by your friends and colleagues.
  •   Your belly sagging or Protruding 24/7, making you look like a pregnant woman always?
  •   Sweating and panting for breath after just walking a few meters by foot or climbing your office stairs.
  •   Feeling sad when because of your size, your spouse starts looking outside for slim fit chicks.
  •  Finding it hard to buy a fitting dress while all your Nice gowns and cloths in the wardrobe are now Under sized.
  •   Been the only one who needs to buy and extra yard of Ase-Obi for your next friends   Marriage.
  •  Your self-esteem fallen to a Zero level and you no longer go on outings or even take pictures because you don’t want to feel bad about it.
  •  Spending half your salary on a new slimming tea and drug you saw online but was unable to lose even 2kg after over 3 weeks…

Trust me I know what all these feels like because I have been there, I have seen it all and finally I was able to walk out of it.

I had tried everything under the sun to lose fat but I ended up getting little or no result to show for.

From Starvation Diet, Adkins Diet, Indomie Diet, Numerous weightloss pills, Chineese slimming teas and all what not. 

I had even registered in the gym but due to my tight daily schedule, I had to quit!

Until I Discovered a new approach to losing weight and Burning Excess Belly fat that was easier, Faster And more effective than all the Methods you have seen out there.

Okay, won’t you like to get breath taking results like this?

I can bet anyone who is struggling with unwanted fat just as I did that what am about to reveal to you is the best approach ever to lose fat.

Let me tell you one sad truth…

You can never lose fat by Just Drinking some so called Slim teas, or Just swallowing any supplement.

The best you can lose is a few 2-3kg which is certainly water weight, not real fat!

Now this new discovery is a Special way of combining highly effective Natural approach of weightloss with a special risk free Herbal Supplement which aids fat mobilization and an alkaline drinkthat would in turn result to a massive drop of weight in your body, especially Belly fat.

Look at some feedback from early users…..

Here is Another one from a Happy User

We went out of our way to make sure this  program is the easiest ever designed for Nigerians and it has lived up to its expectation.

Each Component of the
Burn in 30,
3-in-1 Combined Therapy
works together to give you breath-taking results that will shock
all your doubters who felt you could never lose fat.

The Burn in 30 Kit and Manual

Let me break it down to you.

The Burnin30
3-IN-1 Rapid Fatloss Therapy
combines the 4 Known best Approaches to losing weight and keeping it off.

And they are.

Detoxification (Eliminating Acid from your body)

Proper Nutrition and Healthy eating

Simple At home workouts and,

A Special Never seen 100% Herbal fatloss Supplement.

Now this is how they work together to help you drop from2-5kg in
the first week and Over 15kg at the end of the Therapy. No Hype!

In the first week you will drop from 2-4kg just by detoxifying your
system and breaking fats from fat cells with the aid of this Special
Alkaline Tea
as well as a simple guide on exactly the right kinds of
food to eat found in the Manual.

Then You also have the 100% Herbalfatloss Supplements which
works the kind of magic I have never seen before, I have tried several
supplements in the past but the Burn Slim supplement beats all others because
when combined with a well-designed eating plan, it burns off Visceral and Subcutaneous
belly fat, arm fat, thigh fat and even excess boobs fat.

The Workout DVD and the first 4 weeks meal plan on its own, is what most
weightloss and fitness coaches would put you through and charge more than N30K
per month for.

But the Manual comes with an additional 4 weeksplan which is the intensive one.
It was specially designed for anybody who is extremely fat or wants to drop fat
as soon as possible.

This additional 4 weeks intense meal plan is for you if you have a birthday,
marriage, a special occasion, or you just want crazy rapid results.

This one would give you results that would make people question if you are sick
or if you recently when for a surgery.

The Burn in 30
Combined therapy
beats all other deceitful fatloss programs out there, and if you
need a real fast, and permanent fatloss result, then the Burn in 30 Therapy is
your best bet to getting an insane kind of results.

It’s4-in-1 Combined effect makes it 10 times more powerful than any
slimming tea out there in the Nigerian market space.

I can guarantee it.

I know you may have tried several Slimming teas, drinks, Supplements, Diet plans
and even the gym in the past and you are yet to get any tangible results to
show for it.

Damn it we are all even tired of giving out money to all this
people who peddles stuffs that doesn’t work just to collect our money, I was a
victim of all this so i know how you currently feel.

Now This Burnin30 3-In-1 Therapy is the best,fastest and easiest
way to burn all those excess fat

Imagine a Therapy that Combines Detox, Healthy eating, Metabolism
boosting Supplement and a Simple at home workout Routine.

All In one very simple to follow Therapy!

And it was also created with all kinds of people in mind.

Whether you are a busy individual who hardly have time for

Or Your work gives you little or no time.

Or you are a stay at home mom,

Even elderly people who can find it hard to walk or have one or two
sicknesses can also partake in this program without any fear.

Because the Burnin30 comes with no single side effects just crazy,
Unimaginable results that would leave people gasping for hair when they see you
in the next 3-4 weeks from now.

My dear the results are amazing, We have testimonies from people
who have dropped 3kg in the first week safely and as much as 50kg on an
extended 3 Month plan.

And I can Assure you that if they could do it, then you too can
Achieve same if you get your hands on this NEW Breakthrough therapy.

I canAlso assure you that…..

You can kiss the fear of having health issues, such as Type 2
diabetes, HBP, Stroke and Even Cancer
good bye.

You would fit into those sexy clothes you have always seen online
but can’t buy.

You would stop getting custom made clothes and can start buying
clothes from that person that supplies everybody in the office.

You can even rock your Favourite Valentine red Gown
if you decide to start Today

You can start climbing stairs and walking long distance without
getting tired.

You can stop all the embarrassment of been called mama this and
that when you haven’t even given birth.

You can even avoid the shame you usually get when you take public
transport (Like being asked to pay for two seats)

Your darling husband is going to like the new wife he is seeing.

This and many more you would achieve by laying your hands onThe Burnin30 3-IN-1
Magic FatlossTherapy.

So I am currently thinking the only reason you shouldn’t be placing your order
right now is if and only if you are currently slim without big belly and no
single fat in your body.

If not kindly place that order across right now and see wonders.

But there is a tiny problem.

Over the weekend New batches of this program arrived and the Rush for this
NEWLY discovered fatloss Therapy is High… And Plus the economic meltdown, it
turned out that with our calculation, each pack would cost N32,000

But we are doing a Special Valentine Discount for Loyal LindaIkeji
readers who can place an order today.

 We can give it across to you
at just N26,000 only.

Yes placing your order across today you would pay just N26,000instead of the
new price of N32,000.

This N26,000 is a special offer for you this season of Love.

The price would return to its actual price any moment from now.

So what are you waiting for…..

Follow the instructions below to place your order now and in the next 3-7 days
you would have your Kit with you and you can start burning Fat with each
passing day.

It’s strictly payment on delivery, so before placing order be sure you would be
available to pick it up.

Your Kit can be delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria in Maximum 7
days. Please Order only if you will be available to receive it.

Here is
how to Order for your Kit and get itanywhere you are in Nigeria.

send us a text message with the followingdetails.

“Your Full Name”
Address of Delivery (Your home or Office)”

Numbers (If you have more than one better)”

Date of Delivery (if you are not yet in town)”

this as a text message or Whatsapp Message to 08126594436 

Once you
make your order,we will get your kit to you in 3-7 days

But in
24hours if your reside in Abuja, Uyo, PH or Lagos

For More Information about the Burn in 30 Therapy and Why it’s the best fatloss
solution ever designed for Nigerians, please

Call 08126594436
for moreEnquiries.

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